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About the Deck

  • The Animal & Botanical Tarot Deck is uniquely designed for the tarot expert who wants to explore Biology & Natural History through a tarot lens -or- the animal lover who is new to tarot but can find connection through the species represented in the cards. The deck is now available on Kickstarter!

A note from the Artist

  • The concept for The Animal & Botanical Tarot Deck originated in 2016 when I was completing my graduate certification in Natural Science Illustration at the University of Washington. A tarot novice at the time (and to this day), I felt that my highly detailed illustrative style and the magic within each tarot card could be combined to bring life and new understanding to the species represented in the deck.

    The response to the artwork and interest in a deck has been overwhelming and is a constant reminder to keep going! I cannot wait to share this deck with the world & hope that each user discovers something new in the cards or in the natural world around us!

Available Now!

After 3 years of hard work The Animal & Botanical Tarot deck is available for purchase.

Order yours before December 5th to guarantee delivery before Christmas.

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